Team building exercises are essential for an organization’s growth. For team building to work, it has to be motivational and fun. Hiking the Ngong hills is one of the best ways to engage in team building activities as it enables colleagues to communicate with one another and rely on each other to make it to the end.

The Ngong hills are a long stretch comprised of seven hills. It starts from Ngong police station on a dirt road. Here, before the hike commences and people break into groups, stretching is done to ensure that the hike is seamless. There after colleagues can walk in groups getting to know each other better while sharing things such as water and snacks.

As the hike continues, the dirt road thins into steep nature trails and the hills become tougher to tackle. Here, colleagues motivate one another to keep pushing on as no man should be left behind.

They also get to enjoy beautiful views of the white majestic windmills, the towering radio repeater station masts and the scenic nature. This close knit association and team work will assure delivery of better services in an organization.

After completing the seven hills, the hike ends along a vast green land. Here, colleagues can relax as they catch up as they stretch. They can also take group photos and engage in team building games.

The hike finally ends at Kona Baridi where they can then proceed to have lunch and drinks together at Olepolos country club where they can have a cool and open space to discuss various issues and have fun.

The Ngong hills is the perfect place for team building as it provides the best opportunity for communication and collaboration between work mates.



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