Mt Longonot is one of the best places to go hiking from Nairobi. It is a fascinating dormant volcano located 60km from the city and is said to have last erupted in the 1800s. It is 750m above the floor of the Rift valley and 2776m above the sea level.

It takes about two hours to hike from the park entrance to the crater rim. The hike starts on a level ground and then proceeds into a steep climb that is layered with fine dust and lose gravel. The journey towards the rim is surrounded by trees and bushes. The hike is also made less steeper with the availability of stair like paths and big bags filled with sand. There are also various rest stops where one can re energize, catch a glimpse of the scenic Rift Valley and catch up with the hiking team.


Dream Team

Once at the crater rim, it takes about two more hours to go around it. Therefore, the whole hike takes four hours or more depending on one’s fitness level. The crater rim provides for a cool resting stop, a great scenic view of the thick forest within the crater, the spectacular Great Rift Valley, the awesome Lake Naivasha and wildlife such as buffaloes, zebras and gazelles. The hike is not easy but is achievable for people of moderate fitness.

The first section from the park entrance to the rim crater is not that difficult as the second section around the rim crater. The hike around the rim crater is quite steep and with some areas being narrow and rocky. At some point, one has to use both their hands and feet to make it to the top. Therefore, one should be in proper shoes with a good sole. The highest point is known as Kilele Ngamia whereby there is a resting point. The hikers can engage in an epic photo session, have their snacks and savor the sight of the amazing horizon across the spectacular Rift Valley.


The Climb

Throughout the hike, one feels like giving up but it’s easier finishing it than going back. The hike is also made much easier with the company of a team and a guide who would motivate you to keep pushing and assist you in case of an emergency. The scenic views of the flora and fauna in the Great Rift Valley also make every pain staking step worth it. One should also carry a cap to prevent sun burns, bright clothes as they work well in case of an emergency, water and energizing snacks. The hike is sure to break a sweat so one should be in light clothing but can carry a rain coat as the weather can be unpredictable.


Tired but Thrilled to have completed the hike

At the end of the hike one feels completely accomplished despite feeling worn out. This is the best way to test ones limit and build self confidence in one’s self. There are other activities that one can engage in around the mountain other than just hiking. They include biking, camping on the floor of the crater or visiting the Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort after hiking. This is an adventure that is sure to be unforgettable.