You’ve had a hard time probably working or taking care of your family and you’re looking forward to unwind. There are many great destinations to go and have fun in Kenya but the Kenyan coast always thrills no matter how many times you go there. Mombasa is a perfect tour destination as it offers various scenic attractions and exciting activities. It is lined with an amazing shoreline from north to south. Most people can attest that just watching the ocean and feeling the shore’s cool breeze is calming and therapeutic. Moreover, you get to wear your short light clothes that you have been longing to wear all year and feel the warm sun spread on your whole body.

No matter how much time you have or what your budget is, you’re sure to have a nice experience there. Accommodation is affordable especially if you’re visiting as a group. Moving about is also easy as traffic is not as bad as in Nairobi and there are various modes of transport. For instance, the tuk tuks are everywhere you turn. However, you don’t ever have to leave your hotel if you’re looking forward to just doing nothing but relaxing.

There is also one thing that is unforgettable about Mombasa; the food. When you visit the coast, you can’t leave without enjoying the delicious sea food, biryani and viazi karai. The fruits there are also very sweet due to the hot whether so it feels heavenly to indulge in a fruit salad. This is the kind of food that leaves you wanting more.

The Swahili culture is also one to admire. The people there are friendly and always willing to help. There are also many Swahili artifacts such as lesos and necklaces sold on the streets and at the beach. At least when you leave the coast, you can take with you a souvenir that will be a reminder of the wonderful time you had there. You also get to engage in exciting water activities such as boat riding, deep sea diving, snorkeling and watching the dolphins. These activities enable you to enjoy the oceans beauty and get in touch with nature. There are also other beautiful sceneries that you can visit such as Old Town, Haller Park, Fort Jesus and the Mombasa tusks.

The coast also offers a beautiful night life especially for two love birds seeking to enjoy each other’s company. The city is filled with many lovely restaurants and clubs perfect for dinner or drinks with friends. No matter what you want, you can never miss a place to have fun even if it’s for the whole night.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a perfect a gateway just within the country, Mombasa is sure the place to connect with friends and rekindle the romance with your partner. It’s also a place you can find peace and solace away from your mundane life.