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Most of us probably watched Lion King growing up so you can imagine how magical it was for a couple of travelers and I when we visited Hell’s gate National park, the location that inspired “Pride Rock” in the lion King.

On the drive to Hells Gate, we made two pit stops. The first stop was at the famous small church that was built by Italian prisoners of war in the 1940s.

motogari safaris

The next stop was at the evergreen Great Rift Valley viewpoint.  It’s hard not to see why everyone makes a stop here since Mother Nature is always at her most beautiful.

Serene Views


motogari safaris


After 1.5 hours, we arrived at Hell’s Gate National Park. We immediately started taking in how beautiful the scenery is. This park is nothing but breathtaking with lush landscaped grounds and a tranquil ambience that made me know I had made an excellent choice to visit the park that Saturday morning.

Game Viewing

As if the views were not enough, we slowly drove through the park and I noticed that the park is blessed with extraordinary red clock cliffs on each side with several kinds of wild animals grazing in peaceful paradise. After a short while, we got a chance to alight and view the animals up close.  Imagine being given the opportunity to be so close to wild animals like Zebras and Impalas? It was truly amazing to indulge in the spectacular beauty of the park while being able to get so close to the animals. No one wanted to leave because you do not simply walk away from Mother Nature.

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Gorges and Hot springs

However, we had to leave and move on to see the rock formation sites inside the gorge that is made of the devil’s bedroom and natural hot springs that erupt from the rocks.  It was quite a challenge going up to the hot springs but once we got there, we saw that it was worth it.

motagari safaris

motagari safarisMotogari Hell's gate tour



An Afternoon of relaxation

After our short hike, we got a chance to have an afternoon of relaxation at the Olkaria geothermal spa.

This is one of the largest pools in Kenya and the fact that it’s a hot spa with healing properties makes it the only one of its kind in Africa.  Yes. You will not find such a pool anywhere in Africa.  These pictures do not lie, the pool is really crystal turquoise blue in color and a swim will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

A visit to Hell’s gate national park is indeed killing several birds with one stone because you engage in amazing activities all in a single day.

motagari safarismotogari safaris

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